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Tired, tense, stiff and sore, or just ready to take a break from the hustle and bustle??  

Massage, Bodywork, and Energywork are effective tools to help your body and mind to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. You are invited to schedule an appointment to feel the tension of 
the day melt away with a treatment customized to fit your needs.

Stress is believed to be responsible for as much as 90% of illness.  The body responds to stress by going into it's "fight or flight" survival mode. Over time the toll on the cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems often manifests as anxiety, asthma,  autoimmune disorders, depression, diabetes, headaches, heart attack, heartburn, high blood pressure, IBS, insomnia, PMS, and others.  Severe trauma can resu
lt in PTSD and related symptoms.

The effects of stress are cumulative, so the more frequently we practice relaxation and stress reduction, the more quickly our bodies respond and the better we feel.

In these stressful times it is even more important to invest in ourselves by taking steps to preserve our health and quality of life.  I encourage you to make Massage & Bodywork a routine part of your wellness program.                                                    

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